Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Potong Stim!

This is a damn potong stim post! I am super duper potong stim! As all of you know AirAsia always have promotion on cheap flight. This time round they having this promotion which is "AirAsia giving 1,000,000 FREE SEATS". When i saw this email sent to my mail box..straight away i login to AirAsia site to check out some places to go! haha..

I click from Kuala Lumpur to Bali on 25 February 2010 to 28 February 2010. The price shown is RM0.00 return flight!! I just need to pay RM70 which is the taxes. Can u imagine??? RM70 for return flight to go to BALI!! Its super duper good best extreme best buy!!I was so happy!! I was extreme happy till i wanna shout out loud and that is 3.00am in the morning..jin wei was sleeeping..i feel so like wan to wake him up and discuss with him whether to book on the spot! come to think..tomolo he is not good to wake i close the window and go to sleep. Thinking to tell him next day and book it!

Next day, after discussed with jin wei..both of us decided to go for it!! wat r we still waiting?? hehe..right after dinner, i immediately login to AirAsia and do the same thg as i did the previous nite. DANG! i damn potong stim...i feel like wanna cry out loud when i saw the loading page finish loading..the price hike up to RM115.00 one way!!! ARRGHHHH!! included taxes and all return ticket total is RM300 per person! i know its still cheap but to compare to previously RM70 per person! u say i should cry out loud? i feel so damn POTONG STIM!!!!!!

Lesson learned: when u see its RM0.00 please do not think twice! Book it first then only think.. I was so regreted why i din wake jin wei up and book it straight!! fated!! FATED ar!!!!!!

-potong! damn potong stim! i no likey it! -

Balinese Spa at Mandara Spa

Alright..alright..I know my blog here already full of spider web..i think its been almost a year since i update my blog..hahahaa..sorry la..I was like so darn lazy to update..think of editing the pictures..n the typing then i will prefer to watch series or blog hopping or shopping rather than update my blog.

But since i graduated from MMU..i find out..update my blog is necessary as to keep in touch and update my fren about my life so that they won't forget me and they can keep update my news even we can't meet often. I know this is the best way..therefore this is the UPDATE!! haha..oh god..i crap alot d..

I wanted to blog about this Balinese Spa at Mandara Spa long time ago, always have no time and ok i admit i dont have the initiative..hehe.. This Balinese spa was my 22nd birthday present from DJ club 07/08 mandarin slot lovely seniors & juniors. I was so surprise and extreme happy when i received this present. This is one of the most surprise b'day present i ever received. Really thanks to u all..u all know who u r..i love u all so much..muaaxx..

this is the entrace of the Mandara Spa.. so balinese rite??

have to walk some path to get inside the reception..very clean and 'green' :)

I am getting there..still very balinese feel...

Finally at the reception..this is the waiting area..
I am waiting them to arrange me to an aromatherapist and private room :)

While waiting, they serve me a very nice aroma tea and hot towel to freshen up

Then, to fill in some details..and there u go..

This is my private spa room..'Cananga'
They name every room after a flower name..

My private spa room...*woot woot*
Super awesome rite?!

A big bowl of warm water to soak my foot and some aromatheraphy oil..

Another resting area in the room

the comfy head rest..

this bowl of 'flower water' is put under my head rest..
I will smell the aroma when i having my cool rite?

the aromatheraphy oil..if not mistaken i chose the peppermint oil..
that was like so long ago..really can't remember..hehe..

she put 1 - 2 drops of aromatheraphy oil into this bowl of warm water..
and star cleaning and massage my foot :)

This is the steam room in my private spa room..

I took this picture after i finished the steam session for 20 mins i guess..

After the steaming..there start the Balinese massage session..which i can't take pictures as its all sensored scene!hahahaa.. I enjoyed my full body Balinese massage for 1 and half hour.

Ahh..i freaking love massage!!!

After the 1 and half hour massage..they serve some cookies and tea..another freshen up
The cookies are delicious..

Wuhuu..thats the whole process of the Balinese massage..
Really million thanks to my DJ club friends..who gave me this oppurtunity to enjoy a princess service of Balinese massage..
I really love it!
Although I graduated but you all will always stay in my heart! Never fade away!
Love you all..*hugzz*

- I love and enjoy massage so much! -

Friday, May 2, 2008

Days in MYC...

I am so glad that my university offers an internship programme for students..this is such a good opportunity for a student to explore, see and learn new things that you will never experience in Uni. So..i applied and get into MYC easily by just send application letter and my online portfolio, go through a very simple interview session on the phone and there you go...I am IN! Yes! is just as simple as that!

Days in MYC is a very good experience for me and is very fun sometime! I kind a like my job in MYC (i get a lot FREE STUFF..Muahahaha!!)but just don't like to wake up so damn early in the morning! Arghh! nvm nvm...its end!!! its already end!! I am now getting ready to go back to Uni life which have to face more STRESS on assignments and FYP!!!

Anyway, this post is talking about days in MYC..let the pictures tell you what I've done in MYC!

I just upload some pictures and events which is remarkable only..hehe..due to lazyness...sorry...

1) Nestle Business Conference @ Port Dickson

First event I joined in MYC - The Nestle Business Conference which held at Port Dickson. What i can say about this event is SLEEPLESS NIGHT BUT FUN! Everything is so rush and we have to sacrifice our sleep to get all the things done such as pack thousand over goodies bag and get the presentation slide done which satisfied the clients (pity ahpinko..have to edit and change the slide over and over again)

BUT we having fun at the beach!hahaa...

Finally..last day of event..all gone crazy!!

2) M.A.C Fafi make over session

It came out in the MYC! News April issues

3)Gun session @ office :D (this is fun)

Shooter in MYC!

4) Nescafe KickStart Roadshow...(UM, Segi KL, UKM & MMU Malacca)

5) Cadbury Roadshow...(Monash & KDU)

6) Redbull Roadshow...( Taylor, Metropolitan, Binary & Taylor Bussiness School)

7) Last Day in MYC!

~ Internship is a very good experience..enjoy it!~

Monday, December 10, 2007

i'm jz moody..

i'm jz moody..there is no reason y i am moody...i jz moody..ok??? sometimes gal can be like this...moody for no reason...n ppl will said: oh....she AV this the real reason y am i moody??? i duno...i seriosuly duno....n i dun wan to know...

NOW..wat i wan is jz to be happy n free from thinking anythg else....its jz so hard to make it u know!!! Sometimes human jz cant control wat they wanna think...the more they control the more they will think about it...OHHHH!!! i am basically crapping here...i'm so sorry...crapping is one of the way to make ourself relax a it? i duno..arghh!!! my mind is jz so hairwire now!!! sighh..
sorry!!! i shud stop..stop..stop...n go sleep.....nitez...

p/s:i know this post is meaningless but jz bear wiv my moody mood ok? sorry... :(

- moody is jz so sudden -

Monday, September 17, 2007

sweet dreams???

You know wat is IMSONIA??
You know how suffer it is??
i duno y i cant fall into sleep....i know...i am VERY TIRED!! no matter is mentally or physically tired!! in conclusion I AM TIRED!! BUT i jz CAN"T fall into SLEEP!!! wat is this man??!!
i already try never give myself stress d!! I NEVER tension..never...not today..but i cannot sleep....2 DAYS d!! AGAIN!!!!!! feel like punch myself or bang myself onto the wall n least i fainted n get to sleep!!! wan to get myself into sleep is so hard!!!!!! so freaking hard!!!!! i am so bengang rite now!!!! tomolo i still hv to continue do assignments...alot more is q-ing up!!!! pls!!! sleep!!! i persuading myself to sleep....... :(


- sweet dreams???? -

Sunday, August 12, 2007


Last Saturday was MMU 1st day a day the students is officially graduated!!Conratulations to those who are finally official graduate from MMU which is quite deserted place but a memorable wan... I was thinking dat day when will be my graduation??hehe..soon will come soon...

I felt so happy and sad at the same time to my frens who officially graduated dat bcoz they finally finish their study and now they are experiencing a different lifestyle maybe a better one...Sad is bcoz i no more seeing them as often as last time when they were in campus...those sweet memories..having fun together...etc.

What we usually do in Convo???? Of course is take picture, take picture and take picture!!! haha...

Hui ting (pretty lady) and me

Cher Ching (gorgeous lady) and me

Kin (cute boy) and me

Ah ko ko( handsome boy) and me

Suzie, Kah Yee ( fair & cute lady) and Me

Ah ko ko & Song Song sou ( sweet lady ),Suzie, May Way, Me, Fam Fam

i shouldn't stand in between 2 Mr.Lai....i look so short!!! :(

we just love take high angle..haha..

Finally, Thanks to 7zai (photographer)
~ Miss all of you so much ~

Friday, August 10, 2007



wat is wrong wiv me man???!!!! continue 2 days...i cant sleep....i wanted to hv a nice sleep...but i jz can't get into sleep!!!!! u know how suffering is it????!!!!!

I CAN'T SLEEP!!!!!!!
for 2 DAYS!!!!! argghhh!!!!!

getting crazy d!!!!! gossshhhhhhhhhhh!!!! somebody pls help me to get into sleep!!!!!!

i wan my nice nice sleeeppp!!!!!!!!!